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Meemo's Planet Fanart by truepredator Meemo's Planet Fanart by truepredator
I found this interesting project at the Yoyo games Game Maker forums called Meemo's Planet.…

It's a very early in the games development but the premise of the game is reminiscent of Wall-E and they even admit to that, but the aspect of surviving a future planet with no life as a little robot is quite intriguing. The direction the game wants to go and is at I find right up my alley. I enjoy playing the early demo they have simply because I can see so much prospect for the game as new features are added. 

If I have one weakness it's isometric sprites, I can do tiles and I think rather well. Natural elements like terrain, rocks, even plants I can do with an isometric view but anything more organic like people or animals I just struggle with xD. So I used this opportunity to practice a little with isometric and made the main character Meemo in isometric form. It's not a perfect sprite, some shading issues, lack of detail on parts of the track, some weird edges on the body and his arms are not as complete as I want them to be. He is a work in progress I hope to finish him up more then add some weathering to him, maybe add a few more little circuitry effects and a battery pack or AA duck taped to the side which really fits the using extra bits and pieces of the game I think. ;)

Note to comments, I AM NOT very good at Isometric characters xD so be gentle.
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February 5, 2014
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